Biofeedback Machine


BRAINFEEDBACK ® Therapist Software

For Windows 7 or Windows XP
User-friendly, easy to learn.
Automatic CD install takes 5 minutes.
You can operate it within minutes after installation.

All training records automatically stored in a user-friendly database. All the clients’ saved data available anytime (even during sessions). The flexible access to documentation and therapy progress becomes an important part of the desired quality of your service.


The latest innovative technology in order to reach the highest possible reliability. This makes us possible to build smart, lightweight, efficient and safe systems with a high quality of signal processing.

Real time impedance measuring combined with FGT (Fast Gabor Transform) signal processing ensures objective and precise results. It also escalates therapeutic effects. (If you prefer classic Fast Fourier Transform, one mouse click can change it.)

Portable amplifier (pocket size / weight), notebook adjusted
Supply: rechargeable accumulator, duty duration 700 hours
Charge online measure
Online Continual Electrodes Watch


Number of channels (separate, differential):
Standard set: 2 or 4
Optional (QEEG): 24 / 32 / 64 / 128

Frequency Band Width (+0 -1 dB): 0.3–70 Hz
Analogue Time Constant: 0.5 s
Maximum AC Input Range: +- 2 mV
Maximum DC Input Range: +- 240 mV
Equivalent Referred Input Noise: 2uV p-p in 0.16 – 100 Hz band *
Voltage Measurement Accuracy: +- 2 %
Time Measurement Accuracy: +- 0.1 %
Internal Analogue Sample Rate: 4 096 Hz per channelv Saved Data Sample Rate: 128 – 1024 Hz per channel
High Frequency Reaction: from 525 Hz to 4 kHz: 115 dB / from 4 kHz: 50 dB
Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 120 dB (in frequency band 0 – 60 Hz) **
Input Differential Impedance: 100 GOhm // 35 pF
Input Skin Impedance Range: 0 – 99 kOhm
Measured Impedance Accuracy: +- 10 %
Measurable Transition Impedance: 1 – 50 kOhm
(*) Referred to the average electrode – skin impedance max. 10 kOhm
(**) With difference of input impedance’s max. 10 kOhm.

CMRR sufficient for battery run equipment:
Ground electrode connected to a person measures its potential to the environment perfectly.

CE: Medical Device Certificate