What you will find here compared to other institutes:

  • We combine neurofeedback with relaxation and imaginative methods, hypnosis, yoga, as well as individual, couples and family therapy
  • we consistently use multimodal feedback, which includes, in addition to the commonly used visual and acoustic feedback, simultaneously interconnected tactile, vibratory and breathing feedback
  • We create an individual treatment plan for each patient
  • We can design a training protocol based on the EEG examination


PhDr. Jiří Tyl
Guarantor of the course for professionals
Psychologist, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst. He is a pioneer of the EEG Biofeedback method in the Czech Republic. He has been involved in Biofeedback since 1992, when he was trained during his postgraduate studies in psychology in the USA, where he trained directly under Prof. Sterman. He then brought the method to the Czech Republic and thus has the longest and richest practice of all therapists in the Czech Republic. His project for the establishment of the first Biofeedback workplace in the Czech Republic at the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University received a grant from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. Thanks to his cooperation with neurologist Prof. Josef Faber, Dr. Tyl focuses on diagnoses at the borderline between neurology and psychology. He is one of the few therapists who has long been involved in the psychological significance of EEG reports.
PhDr. Štěpánka Martínková
Head of Therapists
Psychologist, EEG Biofeedback therapist, starting with Dr. Jiří Tyl at the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University, specializes in working with children and has experience with specific learning problems, disruptive learning and behavioral disorders, and even more severe diagnoses – mental retardation, post-traumatic conditions, sleep


PhDr. Tereza Trčková
Course lecturer
Psychologist, EEG Biofeedback therapist, psychotherapist, EEG lab technician and graduate of the internship in neurology at Bulovka Hospital under the guidance of Doc. Ing. Slavomil Petranek. Currently she works as a school and counselling psychologis


Jakub Jílek, MSc.
Course lecturer
Graduate of Dr. Tyl’s EEG Biofeedback training for professionals. He studied Cognitive Science at UCL, London. In his Master’s thesis he investigated the effect of EEG Biofeedback training on cognitive functions such as attention, memory and rational thinking. He has also completed a several-month internship in neurology at Bulovka University Hospital under the supervision of the Chief Doc.Ing. Slavomil Petranek.
Bc. Zuzana Hynková
Head of agenda